Outstanding Adidas Nemeziz 'Precision to Blur' Boots Released - New Naming Scheme

The Adidas Nemeziz .1 football boot from the 'Precision to Blur Pack' has been released. The boot was already worn by Alassane Pléa in training last week, ahead of Gladbach's Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk.

The 'Precision to Blur' Adidas Nemeziz boots the first to feature the brand-new naming scheme - the two top tiers of the Nemeziz will simply be known as 'Nemeziz+' and 'Nemeziz.1' from this edition onwards.

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Adidas Nemeziz+ 'Precision to Blur' - Energy Ink

Check out the new Adidas Nemeziz+ boots in energy ink below.

The new Adidas Nemeziz+ Precision to Blur football shoes introduce a bold and vibrant look, easily the most intriguing from the new collection. They are predominantly 'energy ink', combined with bright orange and red and, most importantly, a bold upper graphic.

While the new is "new", the tech behind the boots has not changed compared to the previous Nemeziz 19+.

Adidas Nemeziz.1 'Precision to Blur

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