Ronaldo-Owned Real Valladolid To Change Club Logo?

Spanish La Liga club Real Valladolid CF could soon have a new club logo - the team started a face-to-face market study among members about the club logo, according to local newspaper Tribuna de Valladolid.

Real Valladolid's badge is one of the most classic in Spanish football. It has not been heavily since 1962, when various elements were added to the crest. In fact, the current 2020 Real Valladolid logo still has the feeling of the first-ever logo from 1928.

Brazilian former international footballer Ronaldo Nazario is the majority shareholder of the club since September 2018. As of April 2020, Ronaldo owned 82% of the club shares.

Real Valladolid Starts Market Study About Club Crest

As reported by Tribuna de Valladolid already two weeks ago, Real Valladolid CF has carried out a face-to-face market study among members in order to ask them various questions related to the image of the club, including the possible change of the shield of his team.

So far, several groups of ten people already have answered the different questions. Some told La Tribuna about the process of the "meeting".

An anonymous source told the Tribuna newspaper how the process was: "They asked us what opinion we had of the club, of the current board… A little of everything; the first thing that came to mind at the club. And that's where interesting ideas have come from, of course. Without a doubt, the most striking is the shield. They gave us a presentation of the shield and the shape it has had throughout the club's history, its evolution, and they asked us what could be changed from the current shield."

"It looks like, as they have suggested to us, that they want to make something similar to the change that Alavés or Atlético de Madrid have made." And, according to this person, everything indicates that "they want to know what idea the fan would have, so as not to stitch without a thread." "Without a doubt, this point is what they have had the most influence on," he emphasizes.

Special label as seen on 20-21 shirt

"The idea they wanted to convey to us was to make the club more international, thinking more abroad," on the other respondents concluded.

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