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8 Amazing Football Shirts That Did Not Make It To Euro 2021

Finally, the guessing game is over and the 24 teams for the postponed UEFA Euro 2020 are certain. This international break, 8 remaining teams played their last 4 playoff matches to determine those who participate in the final competition. This means that football players will not be bothered again with international breaks for some time to come (late March).

Interestingly, the Euro never was such a big tournament as the UEFA steadily increased the starting field. Up until 1996, only 8 teams participated with the UEFA doubling the amount of participants for this occasion. Since 2016, 24 teams compete in the UEFA Euro. This is also the reason for unknown football nations such as North Macedonia to have a chance.

Unfortunately, football shirts do not influence the performance of a nation and there have been upsets in this regard. We want to take a look at 8 national teams and their beautiful football kits that will never get the broader attention they truly deserve.

Bulgaria 20-21 Home Jersey

The Joma Bulgaria 2020 football shirt is predominantly white with a green-red chest band, inspired by the famous 1965 World Cup play-off against Belgium.

Greece 2020-21 Home & Away Kits

Both Greece 2020-21 jerseys share the same look: they feature a unique sash in combination with a white respectively blue base. It is a very clean approach by US sportswear giant Nike with the focus on one standout element as Greece misses out on the third major tournament in a row.

Iceland 2020-21 Home & Away Kits

During the Euro 2016 in France, Iceland made a name for themselves by displaying emphatic performances to massively upset big football nations in what was their first appearance in a major tournament. Now, Puma scooped the small nation to unveil stunning shirts as well as a new logo. However, their efforts will go largely unnoticed as Iceland dramatically missed out against a gunning Hungarian side.

Luxembourg 2020-21 Home and Away Kits

Of course, Luxembourg is not a country that will ever qualify for a major tournament by regular means, but Macron and UEFA striked a deal which means that smaller European nations no longer receive teamwear kits straight off-the-peg. This year, Macron really stepped up their international game another notch by producing 2 stunning efforts for the often overlooked country.

Norway 20-21 Away Kit

Norway has a team that features many promising players and the disappointment is immense after losing out against Serbia in the first round of path C. The expectations were high and many consider this to be a golden generation. For now, this is only on paper and Norway will have to prove their qualities come the World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

The Nike Norway 2020 away jersey boasts a unique design in different shades of blue. The Nike Norway 2020 away jersey boasts a graphic design reminiscent of icebergs.

San Marino 2020-2021 Home & Away Kits

San Marino is also part of UEFA's deal with Macron and another small nation that received two beautiful football shirts from the Italian brand.

Serbia 20-21 Home Kit

Serbia got eliminated by Scotland as they will reach their first major tournament in what seems like an eternity (last participation was World Cup 1998). Serbia missed out on penalties (4-5).

Very much inspired by Puma's current theme, The Puma Serbia 2020 home football shirt is mainly red with a geometrical pattern on the front and sleeves.

Slovenia Home and Away Kits

Similar to previous shirts, both Nike Slovenia 2020 football shirts come with an abstract mountain shape. The Nike Slovenia 2020 football shirt combines the colors sky blue, navy blue and white, while the Nike Slovenia 2020-2021 away jersey is green at the top and blue at the bottom, with the mountain graphic colored in white.

Which mentioned football kit do you like the most? What do you think of UEFA tripling the amount of participating teams within 20 years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.