AC Milan 20-21 BALR Kit Released

The Puma x BALR AC Milan jersey has been released today. It confirms the leak - Right back Diogo Dalot was spotted wearing AC Milan's 2020-2021 BALR kit in a Facebook ad some weeks ago.

Puma Dortmund, Man City, Marseille and Milan BALR 20-21 Kits Released

AC Milan Puma 2020-2021 BALR Jersey

This is the new Puma AC Milan BALR shirt for 2020-2021.

The Puma AC Milan 2020-21 BALR jersey is predominantly black with a hexagon pattern around the top, shoulders and on the upper part of the sleeves.

Manchester City 20-21 BALR Kit Leaked

The Puma AC Milan 2020-2021 BALR jersey was released on December 1 2020.

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