LEAKED: Puma to Release Dortmund, Man City and Milan BALR 20-21 Kits

Thursday, 5 November 2020
Update: Puma today released the Puma Future BALR football boot as part of a special BALR 2020 collection. The 2020 BALR collection may give us a hint at the designs of the Puma x BALR BVB, Milan & Man City 2020 soccer jerseys, which we expect to be launched any day now.

Release Of BALR BVB, Man City & Milan Kits Imminent? Puma Future 'BALR' 2020 Boots Released

In fact, the Puma x BALR 2020 collection includes a jersey that could have the design of the kits (just a guess by us as of now). It has a stealth look with a hexagonal pattern.

Puma x BALR 2020 Jersey

Puma x BALR 2020 Collection

1 May 2020: New Information About Dortmund, Man City and Milan BALR 20-21 Kits

Update: [please note: information from 1 May 2020]

We have received some new information about the upcoming Puma x BALR 2020-2021 football kits. Puma will release kit in cooperation for three teams (BVB, Milan & Man City) - there won't be BALR x Puma kits for Valencia and Olympique Marseille. The Puma x BALR 2020-2021 kits are set for a launch on September 24 2020.

Besides Milan, Puma will also team up with BALR for special-edition 2020-21 kits for Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City.

Puma x BALR Borussia Dortmund Kit

The Borussia Dortmund Puma BALR shirt will be black and 'cyber yellow'; its official name is 'BVB BALR Signature Jersey'.

Puma x BALR Manchester City Kit

Officially labeled the 'MCFC BALR Signature Jersey', the Puma x BALR Manchester City kit will combine black and sky blue.

Puma x BALR Milan Kit

In line with the other two, the special-edition Puma AC Milan BALR kit will be called Puma x BALR "AC Milan Signature Jersey". It will feature the traditional colors of the club - red and black.

LEAKED: Puma To Release AC Milan BALR Kit In 2020-2021

BALR usually doesn't use any colors apart from black and white - just like on the recent collaboration with Puma.

Special-Edition Puma x BALR Future Boots Released | Worn by Antoine Griezmann

All three Puma x BALR 'signature jerseys' will be launched during the 20-21 season.

Are you looking forward to the Puma x BALR kits for next season? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.
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