Crazy Köln 2020 Karneval Kit Released

Update: 1. FC Köln debuted the special Karneval shirt in the friendly against Bochum yesterday. We expect them to wear it in the next Bundesliga match again (vs Union Berlin on November 22 2020).

Köln 2020 Karneval Trikot - On-Pitch

Just as in the six previous years, German club 1. FC Köln released a special Karneval shirt.

"This year the carnival revellers have to do without many things - but not the FC carnival jersey".

Köln 2020 Karneval Kit

This is the Köln 2020 Karneval football shirt, made by Uhlsport.

The Uhlsport Köln 2020 Carnival shirt boasts a garish design inspired by a rag clown look, which is probably one of the most popular and classic costumes in Cologne carnival.

The Uhlsport 1. FC Köln 2020 Karneval jersey has a clown design in red-white with 11 "kölsch elements" - things typical of the carnival of Cologne.

Köln 2020 Carnival Jersey - Features

  • The seventh carnival jersey of the FC
  • Clown design in red-white with 11 kölsch elements
  • Applied city coat of arms on the front
  • Embroidered FC logo
  • Embroidered Kölsche (carnival) elements on the sleeve and waistband (kitten, cathedral, crown from the city coat of arms)
  • Reusable gym bag (Gymbag) as packaging in a cloth clown design
  • The 11 kölsch elements: 1) Kätzchen (fool's cap), 2.) cathedral, 3rd) Hennes, 4th) drums, 5th) RheinEnergieStadium, 6th) cable car, 7th) Colonius, 8th) Strüßje, 9th) tear (city coat of arms), 10th) crown (city coat of arms), 11) Camels (streamers)

Crazy shorts and socks complete the new Uhlsport Köln 2020 Carnival uniform.

  1. FC Köln's new 2020 Karneval kit retails at € 87,72.

The Koln carnival keeper jersey is blue and yellow with the same extraordinary design.

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