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How A Stunning 3D Kit Gets Created From Scratch - Took Almost 10 Hours From Evening Until Early Morning

Brazilian kit fan and 3D kit creator @vitorfarias1984 (Footygold) has shared the process it took him to create him 3D football kit he made in 2018 - the sleeveless Cameroon 2002 kit from Puma.

Making Of - 3D Football Kit

@vitorfarias shared the whole "Making Of" for the 3D render video of the Cameroon 2002 shirt - beginning with research about the kit, continuing with 3D modeling and painting, and a lot of detailed work.

The Brazilian kit creator used Marvelous Designer for the 3D model

To create his 3D model, the Brazilian kit creator used Marvelous Designer, a program to modem 3D clothes. For painting, he used a program you certainly know of - Photoshop.

@vitorfarias started to work on his Cameroon sleeveless kit at around 9pm and did not finish before 5am - it took him more than 8 hours to solely create the kit in 3D.

Of course, it was by far not the first three-dimensional kit @vitorfarias created. He previously also created one of Jorge Campos' famous goalkeeper kits ind 3D as well as various other shirts, Otherwise, the result would not have been as great, and it would have taken much, much longer.

Do you like the quality of that 3D kit? Would you have expected that it takes so long to create such a 3D jersey? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and support the Brazilian designer's 'brand' Footygold on Patreon.