LEAKED: Adidas 21-22 Third Kits To Bring Back 1990s 2-Colored Adidas Logo & EQT Designs

We can exclusively reveal that Adidas' 2021-2022 are set to be one-of-a-kind - they will celebrate the 1990s, the possibly most iconic decade of football kits.

Adidas will certainly release streamlined 1990s third jerseys at least for its five top teams for the 2021-22 season - Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Adidas 2021-22 Top Teams Third Kits To Celebrate 1990s

The Adidas 21-22 third kits will have a two color Adidas logo, inspired by the Adidas Equipment line of the 1990s - We could already leak that the Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021-22 third jersey will have a EQT-inspired two-tone Adidas logo and a turquoise main color.

In terms of designs, the Adidas 21-22 third kits will have cuts and looks inspired by the jerseys of the 1990s. The templates will not look like the standard Adidas kits from 2020 but like a mixture of the 1990s and 2020.

Nothing concrete about the final looks of the jerseys is known yet - there is no full leak.

The streamlined Adidas 2021-2022 third kits will be released in August 2021.

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