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Real Madrid 21-22 Third Kit Released

Real Madrid debuted their 2021-2022 third shirt against Valencia yesterday night. The on-pitch appearance was better than we expected from the launch and product pictures. The color is indeed quite close to the original EQT tone, especially on some pictures.

Real Madrid 2021-2022 third shirt has been released this morning.

Real Madrid 2021-22 Third Kit

This picture shows the Real Madrid CF 2021-2022 third jersey, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021-22 third shirt is turquoise with a subtle print as well as a two-color black-and-white Adidas logo, inspired by the Adidas EQT line of the 1990s.


The design of the Real Madrid 21-22 third kit is inspired by Km.0 plaque of the Puerta del Sol, in the center of Madrid. The plaque marks the center of both Madrid and Spain, and it is the point from which roads in the country are measured.

Inspired by the plaque, the Adidas Real Madrid 21-22 third kit has a design with "subtle compass needles" and a special logo on the inside of the collar (authentic version only).

The fact that the inner collar detail is not present on the replica version is once again showing that replica and authentic versions are becoming more different.

The official colorway of the Real Madrid 21-22 third jersey is "Hi-Res Aqua", a color that Adidas have used a bit over the past few years already.

A simple black crew-neck collar rounds off the clean look of the Real Madrid 2021-2022 third football jersey, alongside white Adidas brandings and logos.

Shorts and socks in the same color as the shirt complete the kit.

Real Madrid's new 21-22 third kit retails at 90 Euro for the replica.

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