Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit Colors & Design Leaked

Update: Following up our earlier coverage from last year, we are able to reveal more details as well as the likely design of the Barcelona 21-22 away kit. Specifically we have pictures of the FC Barcelona Basketball 21-22 away uniform.

Update: We are able to share more details about the Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 away kit. The main color is officially called "Purple Pulse", the accent color is "DTM-IRDEST" (IRDEST stands for iridescent). We can also leak three products that have the colors / crest of the Barca 21-22 away kit.

The crest-inspired Barcelona 21-22 home kit already got leaked a while back.

Official Colors Leaked: FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit Design Leaked

Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit

This picture shows the colors of the Barcelona 2021-2022 away shirt.

The Barcelona 2021-22 away jersey is set to be primarily purple combined with bold and shiny iridescent logos. The official color combo of the Barca 21-22 away kit is "Purple Pulse / DTM-IRDEST".

Although we have no confirmed info about the design, the official kit of the basketball team gives us a few ideas. Most of the shirt is plain purple, while there is a blue and red stripe on each side, just as was already expected earlier. This is similar to the 2017-18 away kit.

Again as expected, the logos on the Barcelona 21-22 away kit feature an iridescent finish that combines gold with navy and red.

The shorts of the Barcelona 21-22 away kit have the same color as the shirt and come with the same lateral stripes.

Some aspects of the basketball jersey will be different, such as the placement of the logos or the shape of the collar - check out the basketball and football versions of the current home shirt below.

While Barcelona already had a purple away kit once before, in 2016-17, the exact shade of the color will be much different this time around. It will be much lighter and less saturated than four years ago.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit Products

Stay tuned for more details about the Barcelona 21-22 away kit leading up to its official release this summer.

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