Our 10 Favorite Napoli Football Kits Of All Time

Today, AC Milan and Napoli clash in a very important match that already massively influences the Italian league title. AC Milan is leading Serie A unbeaten with 17 points out of 7 games at the moment with Napoli being one of the chasers out of a bigger pack of teams (7 games, 14 points).

Before the Serie A top game kicks off, we want to take a look at our 10 favorite SSC Napoli football shirts of all time.

Of course, we do not believe that this is a final list without any flaws. However, these are our 10 favorite SSC Napoli football shirts in the entire history of the club and we encourage you to let us know if you disagree with one of our choices or have an entirely different list in mind.

Honorable Mentions

These are 4 extraordinary shirts that we could not exclude out of various reasons: one being a beautiful Umbro throwback with a classic collar from the early 90's, another beautiful third shirt from the early 2000's with an iconic sponsor and an Argentina-inspired fourth shirt out of a very dark time for the club falling as low as Serie C. The fourth one is a white away shirt from the late 80's with an iconic design.

10 - SSC Napoli 2000-01 Home Kit

9 - Napoli 1993-94 Away Jersey

8 - Napoli 1984-85 Home Kit

7 - Napoli 1988-89 Home Shirt

6 - Napoli 1982-83 Away Kit

5 - SSC Napoli 92-93 Home Shirt

4 - Napoli 1995-1996 Home Kit

3 - SSC Napoli 85-86 Home Kit

For us, this is a characteristic Napoli football shirt. A traditional white Italian sponsor out of the food sector in combination with the gorgeous sky blue and subtle details such as trim at the collar and sleeve cuffs. Sleek pinstripes round off the classy look.

2 - Napoli 1990-1991 Third Kit

This football shirt arguably comes out of the club's most successful time when Diego Maradona was playing for the South Italian side. The year before, SSC Napoli won their second and, for now, last Serie A title with both coming during Diego Maradona's time at the club.

The football shirt itself is a gorgeous template by Italian kit supplier Ennerre combining a red base with a stunning white / blue graphic design on the chest that spans all the way to the sleeves. The result is an outstanding and timeless effort.

1 - SSC Napoli 1990-91 Home Kit

Same season, different vibes. This Napoli 90-91 home kit might not be as striking as the third shirt, but this football shirt makes it up with the timeless elegance it conveys.

The SSC Napoli 1990-1991 home shirt combines Napoli's trademark sky blue with Ennere's logo and the Scudetto on the chest with iconic sponsor Mars sitting underneath, while Napoli's logo moves to the left sleeve. A subtle 'NR' watermark gets repeated across the whole football shirt.

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What is your favorite SSC Napoli football kit? Are you excited for today's match? Drop us a line below, and check out the complete Napoli football kit history on Football Kit Archive.