The Italian Company That Produces Match-Ready Retro Kits For Dozens Of Clubs

On Friday, Czech team Sparta Prague released a special 'in-house' (unbranded) shirt to celebrate their 127th birthday. Sparta Praha will wear their 2020 anniversary kit in an official match - our Italian follower @SoloperlaM_ made us aware that the jersey has been produced and likely also designed in cooperation with an Italian company called Spensley.

Nike Certainly History - In-House Sparta Prague 2020 Anniversary Kit Released

Spensley - Italian Company For Retro Kits & Other Retro Products

Based in Genoa, Spensley is a producer of retro sports products that produces "collections of historical, leisure and heritage jerseys and flags inspired by the history of the club". They also offer marketing expertise to clubs to help them showcasing their heritage and history.

The name Spensley derives from James Richardson Spensley

The name Spensley derives from James Richardson Spensley, an English doctor, sportsman and theosophist who landed in Genoa in 1895. By founding Genoa CFC, Italy's first football club in history, James Richardson Spensley, he ignited the spark that brought football to Italy.

Englishman James Richardson Spensley founded Italy's first soccer team in 1895, Genoa CFC

Spensley means for the company "to honor these origins and therefore to tirelessly and courageously seek beauty in soccer".

Spensley is working together with various middle and smaller teams from Italy and also some teams from Europe, including Empoli, Swansea, Sparta Prague, Palermo and quite logically also Genoa CFC.

Spensley - Offerings

  • Collections of historical, leisure and heritage jerseys
  • Flags inspired by the history of the club and its symbols
  • Initiatives that involve the fan community and artists in creating beauty and identity spirit around the Club

Spensley - Retro Kits

Spensley - Other Products

Spensley's retro kits are made from 100% cottonAll of Spensley's retro kits, including the match-worn Sparta Prague 1930-2020 jersey are made from 100% cotton. Sparta's retro kit retails at around 70 Euro, other retro pieces and kits are available for prices between 40-80 Euro.

Do you like these retro kits? Would you like more clubs like Sparta Prague wearing retro kits in official matches? Comment below, and check out more about Spensley on the company's website.