Adidas 2021 'Eternal Class' Boots Pack Leaked - Stealth Copa Mundial & Accelerator

Adidas last week released a special 'Eternal Class' boots collection featuring classy re-editions of the Copa Mundial and Predator Absolute. Now we can reveal that the Three Stripes brand will continue this idea and release another remake cleats pack in 2021.

Adidas Eternal Class / Luxury Pack Boots Released - Copa Mundial & Predator Absolute

Limited-Edition Adidas 2021 Football Boots Collection

Possibly again called the 'Eternal Class' pack, the second Eternal Class boots collection will bring us blackout Adidas Copa Mundial and Predator Accelerator re-editions.

In fact, both boots of the Limited-Edition Adidas 2021 Football Boots Collection are not totally black but combine the colors "Black / Grey Six / Grey Six" for a stealth look.

Adidas Copa Mundial 21 - Black / Grey Six

The 'Black / Grey Six' Adidas Copa Mundial 2021 soccer boots will have a stealth look in black and anthracite. The official colors used for the new Copa Mundial 21 football boots from Adidas are "Black / Grey Six / Grey Six".

EXCLUSIVE: Adidas To Release Stealth Blackout Copa Mundial 21 Boots

Adidas Predator Accelerator 'Stealth' - Black / Grey

A stealth look, the 2021 Adidas Predator Accelerator remake cleats are completely black and grey. The come without any colorful elements but just with grey used for the logos and the rubber pads.

Adidas Predator Accelerator 2021 Remake Boots Leaked - Unboxing Video + 6 New Pictures

The stealth Adidas 2021 'Luxury Pack / Eternal Class' Pack will be launched in early 2021.

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