Adidas Eternal Class / Luxury Pack Boots Released - Copa Mundial & Predator Absolute

Earlier this week, two stunning classic modern Adidas remake football boots have been shown off by two Adidas players (Predator Absolute & Copa Mundial). Today Adidas revealed what exactly they are - they are part of the brand's new 'Eternal Class / Luxury Pack'.

The pack is called 'Eternal Class' Pack in Europe and 'Luxury Pack' in Asia

The new Adidas 2020 SE collection is called 'Eternal Class' pack in Europe and 'Luxury Pack' in Asia - At least this is what it looks as of now.

Adidas Eternal Pack / Luxury Pack Soccer Collection

The Adidas Eternal Pack / Luxury Pack is a classic yet luxurious authentic leather collection that brings back the past famous shoes to remake - this time the Predator Absolute 2006 and the Copa Mundial '1982'. The boots are called Adidas Predator Absolute 20 and Copa Mundial 20.

Both boot colorways are new 'luxurious' creations

Both the Adidas Predator Absolute 2020 Luxury Pack and the Adidas Copa Mundial 2020 Eternal Pack boots combine white uppers with black and gold logos / applications for a crisp and luxurious look.

Tech-wise, the Adidas Eternal Pack cleats combine the original kangaroo leather uppers with modern sole plates - Predator 20 sole plate for the Predator Absolute 20 and Copa 20 sole plate for the Copa Mundial 20.

The Adidas Eternal Pack shoes are also available as TR (lifestyle) and TF (Astro Turf) versions.

Adidas Predator Absolute 20 - White / Black / Metallic Gold

The 'White / Black / Metallic Gold' Adidas Predator Absolute 2020 football boots have a clean and classic design inspired by the original Predator Absolute TRX David Beckham cleats from 2006. However, the colorway is not exactly the same as of the classic cleat from Beckham but has a few small differences.

  • Predator Absolute 20 FG - Price 350 Euro
  • Predator Absolute TR - Price ~150 Euro
  • Predator Absolado TF - Price ~100 Euro

Adidas Copa Mundial 20 - White / Black / Gold

The launch version of the Adidas Copa Mundial 21 soccer cleats features a classy design in white, black and golden. The design of the new 'White / Black / Gold' Adidas 2021 Copa Mundial soccer boots is inspired by the classic Adidas Copa Mundial cleats, which were first released in 1979 for the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

  • Copa Mundial 20 FG - Price 200 Euro
  • Mundial Goal 20 TR - Price ~150 Euro
  • Mundial Team 20 TF - Price 100 Euro

All the boots of the Adidas Luxury Pack were released on December 27 at few selected retailers - some stores will put them on sale from December 29 2020.

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