Adidas Predator Pulse II 2005 Boots - Tech Info, Colorways, Players

Inter Milan's Brozovic laced up in the Adidas Predator Pulse 2 football boots on Tuesday. We take a closer look at the Adidas Predator Pulse II soccer cleats.

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The Adidas Predator Pulse II soccer shoes were released in 2005 and worn by by the likes of Kaka, Michael Ballack, David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

Adidas Predator Pulse II Football Boots

Launched in 2004, the Adidas Predator Pulse silo marked the begin of the second decade of the Predator silo that came to light in 1994. The Adidas Predator Pulse are designed for more power, swerve and control.

The Adidas Predator Pulse 2 boots were launched in 2005 - they were a small update of the first Predator Pulse.

The new David Beckham Predator Pulse - designed exclusively for him - would "surely leave its ''fingerprint'' in the world of football...".

Adidas Predator Pulse II - Tech Specifications

  • PowerPulse technology to redefine control, swerve and power
  • K-leather for excellent ball feel and fit
  • Predator technology for more power, swerve and ball control
  • Revolutionary PowerPulse technology for increased shooting power
  • Lining: Synthetic
  • Inlay: Molded EVA insole for anatomical comfort
  • Outsole: New X-TRAXION clip-in system for adaptable grip on soft terrain. Split outsole for optimized weight and flexibility. External heel counter for heel comfort and stability

The Adidas Predator Pulse were full of trademark elements that increase power, swerve and control, all on top of a k-leather upper.

Adidas Predator Pulse 2 - Colorways

The Adidas Predator Pulse 2 soccer shoes was launched in around five regular colorways and two special editions for David Beckham - white, silver and blue and all-silver dragon edition.

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