AMAZING: FIFA Kit Creator Launched - "Unofficial"

Have you ever thought that it would be great to have custom kits in FIFA? If so, this brand-new tool might be your chance - find out all about "FIFA Kit Creator".

Check out FIFA Kit Creator and create your own kit.

FIFA 21 Kit Creator - Independent Tool To Create Kits For FIFA 21

FIFA Kit Creator is an online tool to create custom football kits for FIFA 21. It has not been developed by EA Sports but by an independent video game fan. However, this might be not a downside.

FIFA Kit Creator allows to create completely unique kits without needing any specific expertise. You can not only change the colors of kits but also set a design template as well choose from dozens of patterns and graphics.

This tool is not only interesting for FIFA players There is also a preset of crests, sponsor logos, league badges and other stuff that makes it even easier to design a kit - the logo preset option is only available for Plus Members as of now.

What might be the most awesome feature is that you can add 'official' graphics of Adidas, Nike, Puma and other brands.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to add these custom kits on PC. EA Sports' FIFA 21 system does not allow to insert custom jerseys.

FIFA 21 Kit Creator - About

  • Allows to create custom kits for FIFA 21
  • Around 10 different templates
  • 100s of different official patterns and graphics
  • 1000s of logos to choose from
  • Omly possible to add on FIFA 21 PC

There is also kit creator for PESThe same guy who made the FIFA Kit Creator also developed a kit creator for PES - we have been told that all this has been made possible by PES Master, a PES Stats Database.

However, even if you are not playing PES, you can still design your own kits just for fun - we just have to warn you not to get too addicted, we already found out...

Check out FIFA Kit Creator and create your own kit.

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