Limited-Edition Cerro Porteño 2020 '1999 Retro Reissue' Kit Released

Cerro Porteño's new 2020 '1999 retro reissue' shirt was released today. It is made by Puma.

The new Cerro Porteño 2020 '1999 retro reissue' kit is a modern version of Cerro Porteno's Puma football shirt from 1999. There is only a limited amount of shirts available that are only obtainable by physically visiting Puma's store at Shopping Mariscal in Asunción.

Cerro Porteño 2020 '1999 Retro Reissue' Shirt

Check out Puma's Cerro Porteño 2020 '1999 retro reissue' jersey below.

Featuring a red vertical central stripe, the Puma Cerro Porteño 2020 1999 retro reissue football shirt features two navy stripes next to it. Cerro Porteno's logo features as a watermark centrally on the front, while the polo collar is blue with a red front part with white trim.

Original shirt from 1999

The sleeve cuffs are also red with white trim and the writing "Club Cerro Porteño", while white trim is also present on the sides. A retro club logo that was used at the time sits on the left chest opposite of a classic Puma logo with the writing and the 'Jumping Cat'.

Made by Puma. What do you make of the Cerro Porteño's 1999 retro reissue shirt? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the 21-22 Kit Overview for more Puma football kit leaks.