Complete Rebranding: All-New York United FC Logo Unveiled

Canadian Premier League club York United FC just unveiled a brand-new logo and identity. The club is no longer called York9 FC but rather York United FC. Accordingly, the club unveiled an all-new logo that still revolves around the number 9.

York United FC is a Canadian football club based in the greater region of Ontario and competes in the Canadian Premier League that exists since May 2017. York United FC, formerly known as York9 FC, was founded on May 5, 2018.

The all-new York United FC logo features an interesting shape that is inspired by the Queen's York Rangers, a Canadian Armoured Corps regiment based in Toronto and the surrounding region, while retaining the nine stripes that distinguished the club previously.

Logo of Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment)

In terms of colour, the all-new York United FC introduces 4 new colours that are officially called York Green, Lake Ontario Blue, Trillium White and Victory Gold. These colours are incorporated in all parts of the club's identity, i.e. club crest and football shirt.

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