Do You Agree? These Are the 10 Most Average 2020-21 Football Kits

A few days ago, we wanted to showcase a monotonous side of football shirt designs by picking out 99 mediocre football shirts. In retrospect, we have to admit that the concept was not carefully thought through and we ended up not pursuing what we intended to do: unmasking those shirts that really bother us.

Unsatisfying Mediocrity: 99 Average 2020-21 Football Kits

Instead, the big teams got lost in the shuffle and sheer amount of teamwear that we decided to include although smaller / lower-division teams do not have a fair chance to get a unique kit from a big supplier. So, today we want to focus on the pinnacle of mediocrity where it hurts the most: big teams that do deserve to get a look that is not average. This article was created in collaboration with Football Kit Archive where a ton of new and old football shirts are waiting.

10 - Fiorentina Kappa 2020-21 Home Kit

Considering the fact that Italian sportswear brand Kappa just took over the contract this year we expected something more aside from combining the club's typical colours.

9 - Bayern Adidas 2020-2021 Home Jersey

Since Bayern's fans forced the club to prohibit the use of blue on their jerseys it is only a matter of time until this exact look gets repeated except for the specific template or little details. Not worthy of a giant that Bayern Munich is without a doubt.

8 - Spezia Acerbis 20-21 Home Kit

This is Spezia's very first season in the Serie A. Apparently, supplier Acerbis was not ready for the big stage and gave the club from Liguria the same template for all 3 shirts. The fact that 1944 Divisione Nazionale title gets celebrated on the right chest makes it even more obscure.

7 - Adidas Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-21 Home Jersey

National teams of Bosnia's caliber deserve something better than two stock Condivo 20 football shirts. Adidas disagrees.

6 - Joma Villarreal 20-21 Home Kit

Even though Villarreal is only part of Spain's elite since the late 1990s / early 2000s La Liga cannot be imagined without the Yellow Submarine. This effort by Spanish brand Joma just screams mediocre, nothing more and nothing less.

5 - Umbro Schalke 04 2020-21 Third Shirt

Yes, this shirt is green and refers to Schalke's history because of the main colour. Besides that, there is not much going on to feel either disappointed or excited. A prime example of mediocrity.

4 - Adidas Russia 2020-21 Home Shirt

This one is embarassing since it should have never made it on the list initially. Supplier Adidas got the order of the colors on the sleeve cuffs wrong and Russia intervened to stop a potential disaster. The result is very simple and fully relies on the brilliance of Condivo 20.

3 - Real Madrid Adidas 2020-2021 Away Jersey

Adidas tried to be innovative and controversial by giving one of the world's biggest clubs a mainly pink alternative kit. We believe that it is too late to cause a stir by simply utilizing this color since this football shirt has nothing going on otherwise.

2 - Norway Nike 20-21 Home Kit

Norway's national team looks set for a decade of exciting football with promising players like Erling Håland, Jens Petter Hauge or Martin Ødegaard. This football shirt does not reflect the good prospects that Norway's national team has.

1 - Adidas Leeds United 2020-21 Home Shirt

Leeds is a club of big rivalries, rich tradition and aggressive football, and they are finally back in England's first division. Nevertheless, this football shirt is the pinnacle of mediocrity, especially considering the fact how brilliant the previous jerseys of Italian supplier Kappa have been.

Do you agree with the ranking? Is there a 2020-21 football kit that was not mentioned although it does belong in this list? Drop us a line below, and make sure to check out Kitbliss' podcast that is all about football uniforms.