Nike Galatasaray 21-22 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked - Official Pictures

Update: The first official pictures of the Galatasaray 2021-22 home kit have been leaked, confirming the previous info about it featuring a diagonal design. A picture of the goalkeeper shirt, presumably based on a new global template from Nike, also got leaked.

Made by Nike, we expect the Galatasaray 21-22 home shirt (pictured here is the Vapor Match version) to be released in the coming weeks.

Outstanding Nike Galatasaray 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Galatasaray 21-22 Home Kit

This is the Galatasaray 2021-22 home shirt.

Reminiscent of the classic AS Monaco look, the Nike Galatasaray 21-22 home kit features a diagonal half-and-half design - the right side and sleeve are mainly yellow, while the left are red.

This design is inspired by the waving flags of the stadium. The Swoosh sits inside the yellow part of the jersey and is red.

As you can see from the chart below, it would be the first time for Galatasaray to adopt this type of design.

The collar of the Galatasaray 21-22 home shirt is a simple crew-neck. It is plain yellow, just like the back.

Looking at the base template, the Nike Galatasaray 2021-2022 home football shirt is based on the brand's new Dri-Fit ADV model, just like all other Nike 21-22 'Elite' uniforms.

Galatasaray 21-22 Goalkeeper Kit

This picture shows the new Galatasaray 2021-2022 goalkeeper home shirt.

Featuring a Modified Crest: Galatasaray 21-22 Away Kit Info Leaked

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