Godoy Cruz 100th Anniversary Kit Released

Godoy Cruz's new 100th anniversary jersey was released today. It is made by Kelme and celebrates the club and its 100 years of existence.

Godoy Cruz was founded on June 1 1921. Godoy Cruz's 100th anniversary strip was released this early since Kelme will no longer be Godoy's jersey supplier from December 2020.

Kelme Godoy Cruz 100th Anniversary Kit

This is the new Kelme Godoy Cruz 100th anniversary jersey.

Featuring a simple design, the Kelme Godoy Cruz 100th anniversary football shirt features thin blue and white stripes on the front and sleeves in combination with golden accents, while the back is solid blue.

The back also features the number 100 outlined in golden with an old image of the club's players inside. To top it off, the famous water tank next to Estadio Feliciano Gambarte and the club's founding year 1921 sit atop the number.

Available since December 6, the new Godoy Cruz 100th anniversary strip retails at ARS 4.999 (EUR 50).

Made by Kelme. Do you like Godoy Cruz's 100th anniversary shirt? Drop us a line below, and check out the 21-22 Kit Overview for all Superliga Argentina kit leaks.