How to Identify a Fake Blackout Puma Borussia Dortmund Kit - In Detail

In December last year, BVB and Puma launched a special kit to celebrate the club's 110th anniversary. The limited shirt sold out within three hours back then - as many fans and kit lovers alike could not get their hands on the jersey, there are many fakes floating around in the internet. Let us find out how to identify a fake Borussia Dortmund 110th Anniversary Kit.

Classy Borussia Dortumd 110th Anniversary Kit Released - "Coal and Steel"

Fake vs Real Borussia Dortmund 110th Anniversary Kit Released - "Coal and Steel"

While a fake and authentic BVB Puma stealth blackout look relatively similar at first glance, a direct comparison reveals that almost everything is not good with the counterfeit. This begins with the materials used and end with the manufacturing labels of the kit.

False Logos

A relatively hard to spot difference are the logos. The fake BVB blackout jersey comes with a wrong BVB logo - the BVB 09 of the crest looks stretched and is too thin. The Bundesliga sleeve badge is also not the correct one (wrong ratio - "too high").

Wrong Materials Used

What makes the fake looks much worse than the original kit is that all the logos and the material of the kit are cheap. They do not feature those reflections that make the BVB stealth kit so stunning.


The possibly worst thing about the fake is the jock tag on the lower right. The jock tag of the fake was not really replicated but just very badly copied.

Wrong Label Inside Collar

A very easy to spot difference is the label inside the jersey. The authentic BVB 110-years kit is made in Vietnam, while the fakes have a wrong tag printing with Thailand as manufacturing country.

Too Cheap

Another good indicator (but that should be always not the only one) is the price tag. If the jersey's price tag is too good, it it probably a fake.


The actual BVB B110th Anniversary Kit was delivered in a special stealth box with the slogan "Coal and Steel".

Of course, there might be also other, better fakes floating around. This means that even if one of the things mentioned here might be correct on another fake kit it is still only authentic if all the elements metioned here are the same.

Also be aware that fakers might use pictures of an authentic kit...

Have you ever bought a fake kit accidentally? What do you think of the quality of the fake stealth BVB 110 years kit? Comment below.