Incheon United 2021 Home & Away Kits Revealed

We have kit news from K League today as Incheon United have revealed their new Macron 2021 home and away shirts today.

The motto for Incheon United's 2021 home and away uniforms is 'Fortissimo', which is Italian for 'Stronger'.

Incheon United 2021 Home Jersey

This is the Incheon United 2021 home jersey, made by Macron.

A strong look, the Macron Incheon 2021 home jersey combines the South Korean club's principal colors, black and blue, with a bespoke stripe graphic.

The diagonal details are inspired by the thorns from the Incheon city logo. There also is a very subtle wing graphic that appears behind the club crest to "express the emergence of Incheon in the 2021 season".

Incheon United 2021 Away Kit

Check out Macron's Incheon United 2021 away shirt below.

The Macron Incheon United 2021 away football shirt is predominantly white with a V graphic appearing on the chest in black and blue.

Incheon United's new 2021 home and away kits will be available to buy from February 2020.

What do you think about the Incheon United home and away shirts by Macron? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for all K League kit leaks.