Football Shirt Replaced During Halftime: Liverpool's Kitman Misspells Kelleher's Name On His Premier League Debut

Update: Kelleher got a new football shirt for the second half featuring the correct spelling of 'Kelleher'.

Since Brazilian international Alisson is currently recovering from a hip injury and his return is unknown at the moment, 22-year old Irish goalkeeper Caiomhin Kelleher stands between the sticks. Adrián did not fully convince when he got a chance this season so third choice Kelleher takes over the second spot.

Unfortunately for the young Irish goalkeeper, Liverpool's kitman made a costly mistake today by misspelling Kelleher's name on the back of the shirt of Liverpool's number 62. It reads 'Kellher' instead of Kelleher. Interestingly, the staff got his name right in the locker room.

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In other news, Liverpool got in front midway through the first half courtesy of a goal from Egyptian international Mohamed Salah. It is already his eighth goal in 9 games during this Premier League campaign.

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