42 Football Teams With Sponsor Names - Update With 15 New Teams & Sponsors Industry

Updated with a ton of football teams from all over the world that have very close ties with their main sponsor(s). It varies from case to case how close these ties are, some companies want to incorporate their logo in the club's logo, others do not and there are also companies that design the club's logo along the lines of the company's logo.

Additionally, we added the branch of industry these companies come from to provide more background info on who openly invests into football. What is even more interesting is the fact that some leagues endorse these teams with sponsor names since other income streams are not viable enough to compete at the highest level.

Big thanks to BoydMwila, Christopher Mina Caicedo, Chris Velazquez, Dan Crooke, ezio ilpaKi, JayEmKay, Jpusb1909, Khoma Ramari-Mari Steven Kugler, and william. Without your help this update would not have been possible.

factory football clubs, Red Bull empire & Austrian Football Bundesliga

Cadbury Athletic F.C. - confectionery

CASHPOINT SCR Altach - game of luck

Club Deportivo Filanbanco - banking sector

Club Deportivo La Equidad Seguros S.A. - insurance company

Club Sport Emelec - electricity

FC Carl Zeiss Jena - imaging

FC Liefering - conglomerate

Flyeralarm Admira - printing

JEF United Chiba (JE = JR East (rail transport) & F = Furukawa Electric (electrical equipment))

Metropolitan Police F.C. - founded by police force of London, originally made up of policemen

MOL Fehérvár FC - oil and gas

Red Bull Bragantino - conglomerate

RZ Pellets Wolfsberger Athletiksport Club - wood pellets

Semen Padang FC - building materials

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz - brewery

Sporting Cristal - brewery

spusu Sportklub Niederösterreich St. Pölten - telecommunication

Team ThorenGruppen - private schools

TSV Prolactal Hartberg - dairy products

WSG Swarovski Tirol - fashion, crystal and jewelry

As we covered a few days ago Chinese teams will be forced to remove any affiliation to big sponsors in their names from 2021 to tackle the way football works in China. These clubs bring in old superstars from abroad for huge sums instead of banking on Chinese players, which is probably the reason for the Chinese government to intervene.

Chinese Teams Forced To Remove Sponsors From Club Names

Although it might seem like this issue is exclusive to clubs from certain regions this is not the case: there are football clubs from Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America that implement their main sponsor into the team's name. Here is a list of teams that have the name of a company directly in their identity.

Current Teams Named After A Sponsor

There are even companies nowadays that buy several teams and build up a network of clubs that trade their players among themselves (Red Bull, City Football Group - affiliation not present in team names). Other examples are teams that were originally founded as factory football clubs and later became professional (Bayer 04 Leverkusen, PSV Eindhoven).

Airbus UK Broughton F.C. - aerospace, defence

Ashanti Gold SC - mining

Bayer 04 Leverkusen - life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemicals

Bidvest Wits F.C. - conglomerate

Cruz Azul - building materials

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors - conglomerate

New York Red Bulls - conglomerate

NK Slaven Belupo - pharmaceutics

NT Realty Tai Po - real estate

OOH Lincoln L.F.C. - media

Philips Sport Vereniging - conglomerate

RB Leipzig - conglomerate

Red Bull Brasil - conglomerate

Red Bull Salzburg - conglomerate

SCG Muangthong United F.C. - building materials

Supersport United F.C. - television channel

Suwon Samsung Bluewings F.C. - conglomerate

SV Wacker Burghausen - chemicals

Technogroup Welshpool Town F.C. - IT service organisation

Ulsan Hyundai FC - conglomerate

Vauxhall Motors F.C. - automotive

Did we miss any teams with sponsor names? What do you think about companies investing heavily into football? Drop us a line below.