Adidas X Ghosted.1 Black/Gold - "Released" Out Of Nowhere

Update: The Black/Gold Adidas X colourway, which was supposed to be part of the 'Atmospheric Pack', has been made available to buy, seven months after the original launch date. However, this is exclusively available to Pro:Direct Soccer, and only 250 pairs of X Ghosted.1 are for sales, no laceless Ghosted+.

We are pretty sure that there have been major problems with the colorway & Adidas X+ Ghosted boots in general and Adidas decided not to destroy the pairs that were produced. The laceless variant seems to have been totally scrapped, and two other colorways of the Adidas X have been still not released at all.

If you have been waiting for this release, better hurry, and head over to Pro:Direct Soccer to grab a pair.

December 2020: What's Going on With the Adidas X Ghosted?

2020 has brought us a ton of stunning football boots. However, one silo that was supposed to get a few stylish colorways did not get them in the yet - the Adidas X Ghosted+. Let us fin out what happened with the Adidas X next-gen cleats in 2020.

Insane Adidas 'Atmospheric Pack' Boots Pack Released - Adidas X Scrapped, To Be Worn By Young, 'Unknown' Players Only

Problems With Upper? Adidas Scraps Three Of Six Proposed Next-Gen Adidas X Ghosted Boots

The Adidas X Ghosted+ football boot was supposed to be launched in five different paint jobs in the second half of 2020 - however, of those five colorways only two were actually launched.

Despite images being leaked of all of them, the 2020 Darkmotion Black Pack, GloryHunter, and Atmospheric Pack Adidas X football boots were not launched in the end. It is not known why but most likely because there had been problems with the uppers.

It seems most likely that there have been problems with the upperThe other two (regular) and most important colorways of the Adidas X (those worn on the pitch) were both released - the InFlight and Precision to Blur editions. We think that these two were important enough to be fixed for the launch...

Adidas Glory Hunter Boots Pack Released

In 2021 all the Adidas X football boot scheduled will be also releasedIn addition to the five regular paint jobs, Adidas also released a special Peregrine Falcon edition, as well as a collection of six F50 Adizero x X, Ghosted boots in partnership with six online stores. All those were released and worn on pitch.

In 2021, we think that all the problems are gone and every Adidas X football boot scheduled will be also released.

Do you know why these colorways were not released? Comment below.