Would There Have Been A Kit Clash In The Canceled Everton vs Manchester City Match?

The match between Everton and Manchester City had to be postponed because of several positive COVID-19 tests of Man City. Already before it was known that the match would have to be postponed, the Premier League released the kit choices of both teams.

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Prospected Everton and Manchester City Kit Choices Provide More Than Enough Contrast

On the images shared by the Premier League make both Everton's 20-21 home kit and Manchester City's 20-21 away kit are rather dark bluish. However, that is misguiding.

While the image released by the Premier League looks like both shirts are quite similar, real-life images of Everton's and Manchester City's kits show off that Everton's kit is much lighter and that City's kit is actually almost looking black from a bit distance.

The kit colors look only similar on the 3D rendersEverton will also wear white shorts and socks, so there is even more contrast.

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Arsenal makes traditionalists angry with their kit choice

There would have been no problems with the uniforms of Everton FC and Manchester City as they provide more than enough contrast.

A not perfect kit match up might be the match between Burnley and Sheffiled United - Sheffiled United will wear their pink Adidas away kit against maroon Burnley.

Premier League Matchweek 16 Kit Choices

Kit choices of most other teams are as you would expect, with just Arsenal making some traditionalists angry as they will wear their away kit against blue Brighton.

What do you think of the kit choices of Premier League teams for Matchweek 16?