Adidas 21-22 Kit Predictions + How Accurate Each Shirt Is

Over the last couple of weeks Metal fan Jack Henderson (@hendocfc) and Juventus kit experts La Maglia Bianconera (@La_Bianconera) have shared their first thoughts on Adidas' 2021-22 jerseys for the brand's most important clubs such as Ajax Amsterdam, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus FC, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Olympique Lyonnais.

Today we want to pin down how accurate these predictions are and provide background info concerning the colours, template or graphic patterns. Previously, we also classified the Nike 21-22 jersey predictions by Jack Henderson extensively.

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Adidas 21-22 Kit Predictions

The accuracy of the Adidas 21-22 football shirt predictions varies strongly. Some of them are very close to the end product in terms of template, colour composition and details (Real Madrid's 21-22 away jersey), while others are merely based on the known main colour and all other elements are fictitious at this stage (Olympique Lyonnais 2021-22 away shirt).

Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax 21-22 Home Kit - Likelihood 60%

It is possible that the Ajax 21-22 home jersey features an old club crest on the chest. Otherwise, it combines Ajax's traditional colors what results in their traditional home shirt look. Details are subject to change.

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Ajax Amsterdam 2021-22 Third Jersey - Likelihood 70%

This leak originated from a product catalog Jack Henderson has had access to. The colors and inspiration are accurate, the specific execution is not known yet, but we expect it to be rather close to the end product.

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Arsenal FC 2021-2022 Home Shirt - Likelihood 70%

It is certain that Arsenal's 21-22 home jersey will combine a red body with white sleeves. The accent colours ('White' & 'Mystery Blue') are also known.

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Arsenal 21-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood 65%

There are two concepts of Arsenal'S 2021-22 away jersey since the accent colour is not known yet. What is certain is that the upcoming away jersey is a modern execution of Arsenal's traditional yellow away shirts.

The jersey will be mainly 'Pearl Citrine' (a pale shade of yellow), while the applications will be either red or blue. It is almost certain that the football shirt will feature the famous Cannon instead of the club's logo.

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Bayern Munich

Bayern 21-22 Home Kit - Likelihood 70%

We know that Bayern München's 2021-22 home jersey will combine two shades of red ('FCB True Red' and 'Craft Red') with white applications. Additionally, we know that the Three Stripes will be on the sleeves and a V-neck gets used. Other parts of the look such as the implementation of the darker shade of red are a complete fabrication.

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Bayern 2021-2022 Away Jersey - Likelihood 60%

The same as for Arsenal's upcoming away jersey applies here: the main colour (black) is known, while the secondary color is not certain yet. Therefore, Jack created two concepts that have red respectively white as secondary color. We can confirm that the Three Stripes will be on the sleeves.

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Juventus FC 2021-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood 75%

It is known that Juventus' 21-22 home kit returns to classic black and white stripes. Adidas' stripes are positioned on the shoulder and it has a crew-neck collar with piping, a theme that also applies to the sleeve cuffs. Since La Maglia Bianconera usually has insider information we rate this prediction highly.

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Juventus 2021-2022 Away Shirt - Likelihood 65%

It is certain that Juventus 2021-22 away jersey will be mainly black with iridescent applications. It is not 100% certain which applications get the iridescent treatment. Therefore, two different predictions exist.

Juventus 21-22 Away Kit Design Leaked

Juventus 21-22 Third Shirt - Likelihood 50%

The Juventus 2021-22 third jersey is the most uncertain one out of this set: the only aspect that is definitely known is the inspiration by 90s streetwear and the two colored adidas logo. The exact execution is not certain yet. Therefore, there are also 2 different predictions.

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Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon 21-22 Home Kit - Likelihood 70%

Olympique Lyonnais' 2021-22 home shirt will combine Lyon's colors white, navy blue and red. The outstanding element of the prediction are differently colored sleeves.

Olympique Lyonnais 2021-2022 Away Shirt - Likelihood 40%

This one will probably be the most inaccurate prediction out of all Adidas 21-22 football shirt predictions. It is only certain that the shirt will be mainly red. All other elements are subject to change.

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Manchester United

Manchester United 2021-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood 65%

Manchester United's 2021-2022 home kit will be mainly 'Real Red' with Three Stripes on the shoulders and a ribbed crew-neck collar. We believe that the prediction is neither very close to the end product, nor far off.

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid 21-22 Away Kit - Likelihood 75%

Real Madrid's upcoming away jersey will be predominantly navy with white logos and orange applications. There will be an all-over graphic pattern that consists of small design elements such as arrows and crowns, according to the well-informed German source REAL TOTAL. Except for the graphic pattern we expect this prediction to be very close to the end product.

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Do you like the possible looks of Adidas' 21-22 jerseys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and make sure to check out the 2021-22 Kit Overview for a handy overview.