Designs Created in FIFA 21: 12 Nike 21-22 Kit Predictions + How Accurate Each Is

Update: FIFA 21 kit maker Bromley Design (@BromleyKits) has created Jack Henderson's Nike 21-22 jersey predictions for FIFA 21. The results showcase the football shirts in combination with shorts and socks as well as providing another angle.

We already leaked various information about the Nike 21-22 jerseys. Now none other than @hendocfc has created several concept shirts that are based on available info such as the colours, leaked products as well as his own imagination.

Nike 21-22 Kit Predictions

Some of the Nike 21-22 shirt predictions are more accurate than others, such as the Barcelona 21-22 home jersey that will be inspired by the club's logo. The colours of all others should be close to the final prodcut, while other parts of the designs are subject to change.

Official Colors Leaked: FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit Design Leaked

Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid 21-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~40%

Nothing concrete about the Atlético Madrid 21-22 home kit is known yet. The Atlético Madrid 21-22 home kit is therefore more of a concept than a prediction.

ATM 21-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~55%

We expect the Atlético Madrid 21-22 away kit 'concept / prediction' to be closer to the final kit than the home shirt.


Nike FC Barcelona 2021-22 Home Jersey - Accuracy 85%

Based on a leaked design of Barcelona-based newspaper Mundo Deportivo, this prediction is the most accurate certainly.

Nike FC Barcelona 2021-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood 75%

We expect the Barca 21-22 away kit to look similar as the concept.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Home & Away Kit 'Predictions' & How Probable They Are


Chelsea 21-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~40%

The Chelsea 21-22 home kit shirt prediction could be very accurate or totally off. The checker pattern is inspired by leaked products (could only feature on the pre-match kit as well), the collar is also not certain yet. The yellow color for the Swoosh is correct, but the but it is not known if Three's logo will be yellow on the shirt as well.

Chelsea 21-22 Collection Leaked - Optical Illusion / Black & Yellow To Be Used For 21-22 Kit?

Chelsea Nike 21-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~75%

We believe that the CFC 21-22 away kit will more or less look like the prediction.

Chelsea 21-22 Home + Away Predictions & How Probable They Are

Inter Milan

Inter 2021-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~65%

We are not sure about this one. While the concept itself looks rather right, the execution is not optimal. We believe that the (possible) snake pattern will look different on the kit, and so the whole appearance of the shirt could be different.

Inter 2021-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~50%

The Inter away concept has a stunning look but is very speculative as of today.

LEAKED: Nike Inter Milan 21-22 Home Kit To Feature Snake Design?


Nike Liverpool 2021-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~60%

For Liverpool, we let speak the creator himself: "These aren't accurate at all as there's not enough information available. Treat them as concepts"

Nike Liverpool 2021-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~70%

The same what applies for the home applies for the away.

Liverpool 21-22 Home & Away Kit 'Predictions'

RB Leipzig

Leipzig 2021-22 Home Jersey - Likelihood ~60%

So far, just the colors of Leipzig's 21-22 home kit are known. The graphic could be on the sleeves, but that is just a guess.

Leipzig 2021-22 Away Jersey - Likelihood ~40%

This might be the most speculative prediction of @hendocfc. We are not sure if the final kit will look that way at all.

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