Threshold Not Reached: LAFC Will Not Get a Third Shirt in 2021

Update: We now know for sure that LAFC will not receive a third shirt in 2021 as The Athletic completely ruled out the possibility of receiving a third shirt for any team other than Atlanta United. LAFC will still get the pink collection, though.

Speculation has arisen whether Adidas are set to release a salmon-pink third kit for LAFC in 2021.

In case you missed it last year, Adidas have confirmed that third kits will return to MLS's biggest teams, or rather the ones that sell most jerseys, in 2021.

This selection of teams would certainly include the likes of Atlanta United, Inter Miami and the Seattle Sounders, all of which already received the long-sleeve replica shirts last year.

While there was speculation earlier about a possible gold kit for LAFC - which is unlikely as Adidas stated that gold shirts don't come out well.

“I’ll give you this example – a lot of clubs want to do gold jerseys. They want to do a gold fabric. Gold doesn’t execute. Everyone has this big envision of this gold popping on this shiny fabric, but when you put gold on a polyester it looks like sand." - quote via The Athletic.

The recent talk about the possible LAFC 2021 third shirt being salmon pink, or rather "trace pink" are based on the fact that Adidas launched a small travel collection featuring that color.

We are unable to confirm that LAFC will receive a third shirt at all

However, at this point we are not able to confirm that LAFC will receive a third shirt at all, and even less so which color it might have.

What should be a given is that LAFC will receive a new away kit to replace the one that was debuted in 2019.

Stay tuned for more about LAFC's 2021 kits as well as MLS in general as we receive more info.

Which MLS teams do you think will receive third kits from Adidas this year? Which color would you like to see for LAFC? Comment below.