Full Rebranding: All-New Montreal FC Logo Revealed

Today, the professional Canadian soccer team Montreal Impact based in Montreal, Quebec unveiled an all-new identity, club name and logo. From now on, the MLS club from Montreal will be known as Club de Foot Montréal instead of Montreal Impact.

With this rebranding CF Montréal strives to stronger represent the city's unique culture that combines the best of North America and Europe. It is also a city of languages as around 30 different ones are spoken and Montreal resides in the bilingual part of Canada where English and French are common. Additionally, Montreal is a city of culture that produced a lot of Jazz icons like Oscar Peterson, Myron Sutton and Oliver Jones, amongst others.

In terms of actual design, the all-new Montreal FC logo is a radical change compared to the previous badge. It ditches the original shape in favor of a circular shape that is highlighted with a blue outer circle. Inside this circle are still some elements of the old crest like one silver stylized fleur-de-lis on either side at middle height. The silver writing Club de foot Montréal also surrounds the main element twice.

This main element consists of several silver arrows pointing towards the middle where multiple silver 'M' shapes result in a look that represents a snowflake. The club's new slogan or mantra will be "droit devant" to express that the club wants to always look and think forward, keep evolving and never stagnate.

There are three colors present in the all-new CF Montréal logo: Impact Black, Ice Silver and Sacrébleu. The club strongly wants to express that they are unlike any other club in the MLS and this rebranding aims to reflect the unique culture and identity of Montreal.







Do you like or not like Montreal FC's rebranding and the all-new logo? Comment below, and make sure to check out CF Montreal's official website to find out more about the rebranding.