Better? 'Fixed' Jordan PSG 20-21 Fourth Kit

On January 29 2021, the new Jordan PSG 2020-2021 fourth kit will be released. Some days ago, we have created a mock-up of the expected design - now we decided to share a quick edit that much approves the look of the Paris Saint-Germain 2021 fourth kit for us.

'Fixed' Jordan PSG 20-21 Fourth Kit

Concept with black sleeve ends...

Keeping the unique design of the kit, we just replaced the half pink from the sleeves with black. The result, however, is quite exceptional - the overall appearance of the kit is very different with it.

The prediction is based on a mock-up from April 2020In fact, it is not sure how accurate our mock-up is. It is based on a prediction created by PSG experts @lasource75006 in April 2020.

As already mentioned in the first paragraph, PSG's 2020-21 fourth kit will be launched on January 29 2021.

Jordan PSG 20-21 Fourth Kit Design Leaked

Do you prefer the 'fixed' version of the Jordan PSG 2020-2021 fourth kit? Let us know in the comments below.