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Central Valley Fuego FC Rebrand & Logos Revealed

In December 2020, the United Soccer League (USA "second-tier" league) announced it awarded a USL League One franchise to the Central Valley Fuego Futbol Club. Now the club’s crest and brand was unveiled.

Central Valley Fuego Futbol Club is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley. It is the successor of former USL League Two side Fresno Fuego FC. The "Fuego" name pays homage to the former club.

Central Valley Fuego Futbol Club

The new Fuego FC crest is shaped not just as a shield, but as a spade, an homage to the farmers, fieldworkers, essential laborers and service workers who are integral to Fresno and the surrounding California communities that the club calls home.

The logo’s green stripe also represents the strong agricultural roots of the area, as well as the club’s constant state of growth. The red fire in the crest’s bottom right corner is a visual representation not only of the club’s name, but of the community’s unquenchable passion for soccer.

Secondary logo

Secondary logo

In addition to the first crest, Central Valley Fuego Futbol Club also released two secondary brandings. Both are very different to the first one, interestingly.

Fuego FC’s initial merchandise release includes hats, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and more items featuring the newly-unveiled club crest. Many of the items include the club slogan, “For Valley and Club.”

Central Valley Fuego Futbol Club will begin playing in the USL League One from the 2022 season.

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Are you surprised that they got two alternative logos that are totally different to the first crest? What do you think of the identity of "Central Valley Fuego FC" in general?