Exclusive: First-Ever Adidas X Messi Signature Boots Leaked

Around three months ago, we leaked that Adidas is going to discontinue one of their four main boot silos in Summer 2021 - the Adidas Nemeziz, which are headlined by Messi. Now we are able to leak pictures of the Adidas X Speedflow Messi signature cleats, confirming that Messi will switch to the X in Summer 2021.

Adidas To Discontinue Nemeziz Boots - Messi To Switch To Adidas X Speedflow, Just 3 Silos From Summer 2021

Adidas X Speedflow Messi

This is the Adidas X Speedflow Messi 2021 football boot.

A striking look for one of the best footballers in history, the Adidas X Speedflow Messi cleats combine the colors purple, pink and yellow. The outstanding elements is an all-over Messi print in a classic 1980s football typeface.

The Messi typeface is similar to the 1986 World Cup fontIn fact, the typeface is very similar to the 1986 World Cup font - in that World Cup Argentina won the title and Maradona scored his two most famous goals - one with the hand of god, the other by dribbling from the center line through England's defense - Goal of the Century.

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The design also reminds of the special-edition Nike FC 'Mexico' cleats released in late 2020.

Tech-wise, the Adidas X Speedflow Messi signature cleats are the same regular colorways of the Adidas X Speedflow. The next-gen Adidas X Speedflow is very similar to the Adidas X Ghosted.

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The Adidas X Speedflow Messi 2021 boots will come out in July 2021 probably.

Will you miss the Nemeziz? What do you think of Messi making the switch to the Adidas X? Do you like the first-ever signature Messi Adidas X boots? Comment below.