FIFA Kit Creator Launches Amazing New 3D Render Options

One of the best tools for FIFA and football kit fans alike available is "FIFA Kit Creator", an independent online tool to create custom football kits for FIFA 21 (PC only) or, just for fun. Various new features have been added recently, and now big improvements for the tool's render were announced.

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FIFA Kit Creator Adds 6 New Lighting Presets For 3d View

With the update, you can choose from six new lighting presets for FIFA Kit Creator - one new 'Default' view, one ''Night' as well as two Dark / Day presets. The difference it makes for the look of our created custom kits is impressive.

Man Utd 21-22 Away Kit 'Prediction' with different render presets

The new lighting presets for the 3D view of FIFA Kit Creator are currently only available for Plus Ultimate members.

Standard vs Dark Left

You can find the settings in the 'General' Tab (Plus Ultimate members only yet)

The new lighting presets for the 3D view follow on various other new additions, features and improvements that have been made for FIFA Kit Creator since its first launch in early December 2020.

Many other new features were launched as well

New features include masks (very useful), a long-sleeve preview, captain armbands as well as several new templates.

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What do you think of the new render quality of FIFA Kit Creator? Have you tried out the tool yet?