India 2021 Home, Away + Women's Kits Released

Indian sports brand Six5Six have launched the new Indian national team home and away jersey for 2021 on Sunday.

“A jersey is not just a design printed on fabric. It’s meant to capture a place, a time, and an emotion. Panthers Tigris. The new skin of our Blue Tigers,” said Six5Six in a post on their various social media channels.


No More Nike - Six5Six India 2019 Home & Away Kits Released

Six5Six India 2021 Home Kit

This is the India 2021 home football shirt, made by Six5Six.

The Six5Six India 2021 home shirt boasts the classic blue color of the Indian national team, combined with white and orange.

The upper part of the Six5Six India 2021 football shirt comes with tiger stripes.

Six5Six India 2021 Away Shirt

This is the India 2021 away jersey, made by Six5Six.

Based on the same template as the home shirt, the Six5Six India 2021 away shirt is white and orange.

Six5Six India 2021 Women Shirt

This is the India 2021 Women jersey, made by Six5Six.

Six5Six also released an orange version of the shirt for the India Women's national team.

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