Inter Milan 21-22 Kits To Feature New Logo?

Inter will launch a new logo in March 2021. Will it already feature on the kits for the 2021-2022 season?

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Inter Milan 21-22 Kits Not Certain To Have New Logo

A lot of Inter gear for the 2021-2022 season has been leaked already, and the images of the equipment neither confirm or disconfirm which logo will be on the final kits.

While most of the leaked gear comes with the current logo, the leaked 21-22 Champions League training uniforms has a logo placeholder. What could this mean?

Inter 21-22 Champions League Training Kit Leaked - Placeholder Logo?

The Inter 21-22 Champions League collection is the last to be released - this could mean that Nike already knew that Inter would get a new crest when they finished designing them, and so they put the placeholder on them. A clear indicator that the final Inter 21-22 kits will have the new crest.

Inter's logo on their kits since 1995 - via bausciacafe

However, with just around three months time for the kits to hit stores after the rebranding, it is not sure that all of Inter Milan's Nike 2021-22 kits will have the new logo. For us, however, it is much more likely for them to have the new logo - the chance is more than 75%.

When Brazil presented its new logo, the first new kits with the new crest were launched more than 18 months after the log reveal (12 months were originally planned but the release was postponed because of COVID-19).

The Inter 21-22 away kit, meanwhile, could feature a snake crest instead of the usual club logo.

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