Inter Milan To Release New Logo

Italian club Internazionale Milano is set to unveil a new logo in March 2021, according to a report of Italian sports newspaper Minuti Di Recupero.

Internazionale Milan redesigned its logo and visual identity the last time in 2014. Among other things, they removed the star on top and made the FCIM (which stand for Inter Milan) letter more linear.

Inter Milan To Present New Logo In March 2021?

Following the Italian example of Juventus, has decided to join the rebranding process of their image. According to Minuti Di Recupero, Inter's aim is to "make themselves accessible also abroad".

Inter wants to make themselves more easily accessible

Nothing about the new design of the Internazionale logo is known yet, but it would be "easy to predict that the new Inter logo will have less elaborate lines and a decidedly basic template".

The presentation of the new Inter logo is scheduled for the month of March. The date is indicative, but it was already indicated some time ago during one of the shareholders' meetings, attended by Inter owner Steven Zhang in person.

Inter Milan is reported to get a new owner

Minuti Di Recupero also confirmed previous rumors that BC Partners could very soon become the majority shareholder of Inter, taking over from Suning and Zhang Jindong.

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