"Internazionale Milano" To Be Renamed "Inter Milano"?

Last weekend, it was leaked that Football Club Internazionale Milano, better known as Inter, will release a totally new logo in 2021. Now renowned Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that the team will also change its logo.

"Football Club Internazionale Milano" To Be Renamed To "Inter Milano" - Club Denies Rename Rumors

As reported in today's issue of La Gazzetta dello Sport, "Football Club Internazionale Milano" (Internazionale) will change its name to just "Inter Milano". However, that was denied by the club a few hours later.

Inter managing director Antonello clarified: "Inter will not change its name. The club has been working for over a year on a marketing project, based on the historical values of Inter, which aims to bring closer and involve its millions of fans and further strengthen the link with the city of Milan."

Inter's logo will "move away from the image of a normal soccer team and closer to that of a global media company"

La Gazzetta dello Sport also says that the new Inter logo will "move away from the image of a normal soccer team and closer to that of a global media company". The logo will "play on the I and the M, winking at a modern Milan".

Inter will likely also get a new owner, replacing Suning's Steven Zhang

The new Inter logo and whole visual identity could be presented on 9 March 2021, the 113th birthday of the club. Several tests of the new logo would have already been carried out on Lukaku and other players, while some famous Inter players will be involved in a campaign to promote it.

In addition to the new logo, Inter will possibly also have a new corporate structure and owner (no more Steven Zhang / Suning), a new sponsor (Evergrande in pole to replace Pirelli) from Summer 2021 and a new stadium from 2022-2023.

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