New Cruzeiro 2021 Logo + Centenary Crest Released

Brazilian club Cruzeiro on Sunday revealed its new logo and corporate identity. With the intention of strengthening the correct use of the brand and without changing the traditional design, the club changed the color tone and made some changes to its visual identity.

Cruzeiro club was founded on January 2, 1921, by sportsmen from the Italian colony of Belo Horizonte, some members of Yale Atlético Clube and many Italian immigrant workers decided to create a new club called Societá Sportiva Ypiranga, changing the name months later to Palestra Mineiro and after one game to Palestra Itália.

Cruzeiro 2021 Logo

The new Cruzeiro 2021 logo has a darker shade of blue than previously. In addition to this, the crown, referring to the titles won by the team in 2003, was removed from the identity.

All other important elements have not been changed by the club - the four stars inspired by the coat of arms of city of Cruzeiro remained the same.

Cruzeiro logo history

Cruzeiro not only updated the logo but also changed its overall brand and visual identity manual. According to the executive vice president and superintendent and marketing team, Edson Potsch, the idea is to strengthen the correct use of the brand.

“The new Brand and Visual Identity Manual is an important work among the club's branding actions, as changes had been made over the years that were at odds with the bylaws and there were several application errors not anticipated by media outlets and even inside the club, like goalkeeper shirts last year," he said.

Cruzeiro Centenary Logo

On 24 September 2020, Cruzeiro already revealed a special Centenary commemorative logo to celebrate the 100-years anniversary of the club in 2021.

“Throughout the year, we will use the Centenary commemorative logo as the basis for our communication, but the correction and expansion of our brand possibilities will allow greater visibility and standardization”, Edson Potsch added in an official note.

Cruzeiro 2021 Centenary Home & Away Kit Released

Do you like the new Cruzeiro logo? Are you a fan of the centenary crest? Comment below, and see a document with all details of the new Cruzeiro brand.