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New Inter Milano 2021 Logo Unveiled

Following the earlier unveiling, let's take a closer look at the complete Inter Milano rebranding, which includes a lot more than just the new logo.

According to the club, the new identity is rooted in style and expression. The club hopes that it "opens up new perspectives" with innovation, passion and inclusivity being the key values.

Inter 2021 Logo

This is the new Inter Milan badge.

The new logo is closely inspired by the current design, simplifying the overall look and placing the letters I and M in its center. The circle is blue with the letters appearing in white, combined with a thick black outline.

Old vs New Inter Milan Logo


With the new logo, the club focuses on the two main elements - the I of Internazionale and the M of Milano. The general design and roundel shape is based on the original logo design from 1908 and the various designs that followed it.



As part of the visual identity the club will use two different fonts - 'Giorgio Bold' is the primary one that is used in the logo. For texts, Inter will use 'Univers Roman 55'.


The colors are much more modern and bold, especially the blue is very saturated. Black and blue are the primary colors, used alongside white in the standard application of the logo. But yellow will also be used, in monochrome applications.

Logo History

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