High-Quality Renders: New Inter Milano 2021 Logo Leaked

Update: Highly talented Italian football designer @rupertalbe has shared a surface impression of Inter Milano's new 2021 logo on their football kits (these are fictional). Rupert created home and away shirts with the regular full-color version as well as monochrome ones for fictional third and fourth kits. This perfectly showcases the new versatility.

Update: Freelance graphic designer @agrondesigns_95 has created two more recolored versions of Inter's upcoming new logo. The colors chosen by the Italian actually refer to the club's former logos such as the famous one in use from 1998 until 2007, and they show how the club's new logo would look in a more traditional sense. Check it out underneath.

Update: Next to the new logo, Inter Milan also registered a new INTER wordmark (we arranged it next to the Inter crest). Passione Maglie created four different colored versions of the new Inter Milano crest.

Update: The leaks of the Inter Milan 2021 logo were confirmed thanks to a trademark application filed by the club recently. This application is our first look at the full-color variant of the logo, compared to the monochrome ones we saw so far. Thanks to @Mendosaaaaa for the assist!

One of the most anticipated launches of the coming months, the brand-new Inter Milano logo, set to be launched in March, got recently leaked by local sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Inter Milan To Release New Logo

Inter 2021 Logo

This is the new Inter Milan badge.

The new logo is closely inspired by the current design, simplifying the overall look and placing the letters I and M in its center.

The circle is blue with the letters appearing in white, combined with a thick black outline.

Lending credibility to the accuracy of the logo, we've been able to confirm that the image likely originated from 2021-22 product samples rather than a deleted Nike tweet.

Rumors also said that the club will also change its official name to Inter Milano in March, but this was later denied by Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello.

Antonello said: "Inter will not change its name. The club has been working for over a year on a marketing project, based on the historical values of Inter, which aims to bring together and involve its millions of fans and further strengthen the link with the city of Milan."

Radical Change Soon? Full Inter Milan Logo History & Background Info

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