Full Inter Milan Logo History & Background Info - 2021 Logo Leaked

Update: Ahead of the launch of the all-new club logo on March 30, Inter Milan made an article of the Internazionale Milano crest history.

It will be the most important new logo of the year: Football Club Internazionale Milano or simply Inter will unveil an all-new logo in March of this year as we already reported in early 2021.

Inter was founded in 1908 and the club's first logo essentially lives on in today's logo that was introduced in 2014 although there have been some uncommon ones throughout the club's history. In this article, we extensively look back on the club's history that is manifested in the logos.

F.C. Internazionale Milano Logo History - 1908-2021

Inter is one of Italy's oldest football clubs and had 15 different logos up until now. What always stayed the same when the club itself was able to decide are two pivotal symbols: a circular monogram and a snake that even became the club's official logo for a short amount of time during the 1980s. These two symbols were refined over time, but the essence stayed.

Another very interesting fact is the origin of Internazionale. Back in 1908 Inter was founded because of a dispute among the board of directors of the "Milan Cricket and Football Club" which is known as A.C. Milan nowadays. Basically, there was a dissent about allowing foreign players in the club. Since no agreement was reached a part of Milan Cricket and Football Club broke away and founded Internazionale Milano that still carries this mindset in their name today.

First-Ever F.C. Internazionale Milano logo - 1908-1928

The club's very first logo was created by painter Giorgio Muggiani, one of the club's founders, and survived two decades at first. It was inspired by British clubs and consisted of a liberty-style monogram. The logo itself was composed of the club's initials "FCIM" that cross each other in a round shape on a golden background. This foundation was then enclosed in two black and blue circles.

Giorgio Muggiani with other influential Internazionale personalities (from left to right: Paramithiotti (president), Muggiani, Hugo Rietmann, Hirzel, Bach, Ansbacher, Glockner and Max Rietmann)


In 1925, "Internazionale" was changed to "Ambrosiana", not the only change during the 1920s since the logo and football shirt were also modified. In 1928, the logo became more complex with a fasces in the middle, a bound bundle of wooden rods with an axe. Besides the fasces, the short-lived logo consisted of the biscione (grass snake) on the left and the red-crossed Milan shield on the right. Interestingly, these changes are closely connected to the political changes in Italy when the National Fascist Party took control of the country.

1928-29 home football shirt with a red cross


In 1929, the logo was substituted again: it was a round logo with black and blue stripes in the middle. The letters A and S were on the sides on a white background. Ambrosiana to signify the name change to Associazione Sportiva Ambrosiana was on top of the stripes in golden letters.


In 1931, there was another change of identity as the name "Inter" partially returned: In the foreground, there was a football and the writing "Associazione Sportiva Ambrosiana Inter" surrounded this base all on top of a rhomboid shape. For context: in 1928 the club merged with Unione Sportiva Milanese and was renamed Società Sportiva Ambrosiana. This change was slightly reverted by bringing back "Inter" into the team's name and logo.


In 1945, World War II was over and the club was able to return to its original name. Of course, their historic first logo returned. The only difference is that the colors were reversed on the inside to now have light gold letters on a white background.


In 1960, another radical change happened: a traditional crest shape was introduced that was split into two halves: on the left black and blue stripes and the other half white with the Visconti biscione (snake), a football and the year of founding. Atop of this was a small triangle that harboured the club's initials.

Another change in 1962: an oval shape with black and blue stripes, a golden snake and the writing F.C. Inter. A horizontal black banner rounds off the appearance. It did not last long. Second picture shows how crest was used on jerseys.


The original logo returned in 1963.


The last major change was during the 1980s when Inter adopted a traditional crest with a white background and diagonal black and blue stripes on top. A snake rounds off the look.


Inter's contemporary logo. There have been four different ones since 1988 that all revolve around the club's first logo. Only details like the star or the color composition changed, but the essence of a monogram surrounded by circles in the club colors stayed the same.

2021-XXXX (New)

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