Nike Air Max 20-21 Kits Allowed In Official Matches?

Nike is set to release Air Max football kits for their three big English clubs - Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. But will they be worn in official games by the teams?

The case for the Air Max kits is not the same for all of three teams as the kits differ in design, with Liverpool's Air Max kit concept being different to those of Chelsea and Spurs. So let us begin with Liverpool's Air Max jersey.

Nike Air Max 20-21 Fourth Kits To Be Worn Ahead Of Matches Likely

Competition Rules Would Not Allow Nike Air Max Liverpool 20-21 Fourth Kit - Alternative Match Version to Be Released?

Liverpool's Air Max fourth kit does not conform to the rules of major competitions due to the oversized Air Max logo - it is just too big.

As of UEFA kit regulations, the size of the logo found on the leaked Liverpool shirt would exceed the 20cm² limit.

Versions that comply with the Premier League and UEFA's kit rules by @@KdogTrue

Two things make it unlikely Chelsea and Spurs will wear their kits during the 90 minutesThe Chelsea and Tottenham Air Max kits do not feature an oversized Air Max logo but a standard Swoosh and an Air Max sponsor. Both of the kits would be allowed to be worn in official games as of regulations. However, there are two things that make it pretty certain they won't.

First, both teams have contracts with their sponsors that forces them to wear their logo in official matches. Second, many major competitions (Premier League, Champions League) do not allow a team to change their sponsors during a season or for a single game.

There certainly won't be any other versions of the kits than the replica shirts.What makes it also pretty unlikely for the kits to be worn in official games is that there certainly won't be any other versions of the kits than the replica shirts.

We are, however, pretty sure that the teams will wear the Nike Air Max 2020-2021 fourth kits ahead of at least one match. We expect them to do so in the 2020-21 UEFA knockout matches in February 2021.

Arsenal and Manchester United only wore their Adidas Humanrace kits ahead of matches

Bayern was only allowed to wear their Humanrace kit in the German cup - the Bundesliga did not allow the big Three Stripes

Juventus and Real Madrid wore their kits in official league matches

Stay tuned for more info about the Nike 20-21 Air Max fourth kits and their on-pitch presence as we head towards the official release.

Do you like Nike's idea to release Air Max jerseys for their English clubs? Would you like these kits to be worn in an official match? Comment below.