No More Adidas? Puma Fenerbahçe 21-22 Concept Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits

Fenerbahçe has reportetly agreed a deal with German sportswear brand Puma that will begin on the 1st of July this year. Turkish graphic designer @cenkunl already imagined in November how a Puma x Fener Fenerbahçe's 2021-2022 kit set could look like.

Fenerbahce To Sign Puma Kit Deal

Fenerbahçe Puma 21-22 Concept Home Shirt

The Puma Fenerbahçe 21-22 concept home football shirt features the club's classic yellow and navy stripes. The unique element of the Puma Fenerbahce 21-22 concept home jersey is a subtle graphic print of the leaf from the club crest.

All logos are silver.

Fenerbahçe 2021-2022 Concept Away Shirt

For the away shirt, @cenkunl takes inspiration from the roof of the club stadium.

Fenerbahce 2021-22 Concept Third Jersey

Check out the designer's Fenerbahçe 2021-22 concept third shirt below.

A stunning look, the Puma Fenerbahce 2021-22 concept third jersey is navy with golden applications and logos. The Puma Fenerbahçe 2021-2022 concept third jersey comes with a subtle all-over pattern featuring the silhouette of the club logo, inspired by traditional Turkish textiles.

Puma Fenerbahçe 21-22 Concept Fourth Jersey

The fourth concept has the boldest look. It does not only boast the club's founding year 1907 on the front but also has an one-of-a-kind graphic design inspired by two things - the fan's stadium mosaic and bosphorus lighthouse.

Would you like the actual Puma Fenerbahçe to look like this? Comment below.