Ridiculous Quality: Fakers Try To Manufacture Iridescent 'Rose Gold' Nike PSG Concept Kit

Just one week ago, we wrote an detailed article of how to spot a fake football kit in 2021. Now images of a ridiculously bad fake amuse kit aficionados - this time we don't think we have to make anybody aware that it is not an authentic Nike product.

Rose Gold PSG Concept Kit Produced By Fakers In Ridiculously Bad Quality

Copying (or trying to so) the Rose Gold PSG Nike Concept Kit by SETTPACE, the fake PSG jersey does not replicate the designer's intention at all.

In contrast to have a stylish washed out shimmering Rose Gold iridescence look, it looks like being destroyed in a washing machine. But that is not the case - it came out of the machine like this.

We would love to see Nike replicating the PSG Rose Gold concept kit

We would be very interested to see Nike replicating the PSG Rose Gold concept kit with their manufacturing abilities. We love the concept but the fake...

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What do you think of this fake? Are you also surprised that they did not throw it away directly? Comment below.