Will Nike's Upcoming Kit Look Similar? Wavy Chelsea 20-21 Air Max Concept Kit

Chelsea's 2020-2021 air max concept strip is based on the intel we shared about Chelsea's upcoming 2020-21 fourth jersey earlier this week. We know that the main theme will be the Air Max sneaker that already inspired the club's 2020-2021 third shirt, but this time the jersey will potentially be closer to its inspiration because it also has a white base.

Nike Air Max Chelsea 20-21 Fourth Kit Info Leaked

If you want to create your own jerseys for FIFA 21 or just try out being a shirt designer make sure to check out FIFA Kit Creator. This tool was the starting point for graphic designer @Sportix_ who created this concept jersey.

Nike Chelsea 2020-21 Air Max Concept Jersey

Check out Nike's Chelsea 2020-21 air max concept football shirt below.

The Nike Chelsea 20-21 air max concept football shirt is mainly white with very bold wavy lines on the front, sleeves and back that feature a gradient effect. In fact, these wavy lines with a gradient are directly inspired by the upcoming Chelsea 20-21 fourth jersey respectively the Air Max.

Air Max inspiration

The club's logo sits on the left chest in a recolored blue / red version to fit the theme, while Nike's regular one sits on the opposite side in blue. The actual shirt could also feature an oversized Nike Air Max logo. The sleeve cuffs are navy, the V-neck is white, as is the '3' logo with a red border.

White shorts and socks complete the new Nike Chelsea 20-21 air max concept strip.

There also exists a second fantasy version of the Nike Chelsea 2020-21 air max concept jersey that is mainly black with the same graphic design, white sleeve cuffs and a recolored black Chelsea logo with a white border.

Designed by sportix. Do you like or not like Chelsea's air max concept kit? Comment below, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for all Premier League kit leaks.