White / Gold Nike Flight 2021 'Premier League Title Winners' Ball Leaked

In late February 2021, Nike will release a new 'colorway' of its Premier League football for the last phase of the season. Now we can exclusively leak a white and golden takedown version of that ball.

Nike Flight 2021 Title Winners Ball - White/Gold/Metallic - Takedown Only

Based on the design of the Nike Flight 2021 football, the 'Title Winners' Nike Flight ball is white, silver and gold. The upper is mainly white, the graphic elements are silver, while all logos are golden.

Nike Flight 2021 Premier League Ball

Nike Flight 2021 Premier League Ball Leaked

A high-end version won't be availableUnlike the Nike Flight Premier League 2021 ball, the ball comes without the special celebration version of the Premier League trophy. We could expect that it will be also used to celebrate the 2020-2021 Serie A champions.

Tech-wise, the white & gold Nike Flight ball is based on the cheap Nike Premier League Strike football.

The takedown white / gold Nike Premier League 'Tunnel Vision' 2020 ball retails at a price of around 28 Euro. A high-end version will be not available.

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