Adidas Arsenal 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked - Official Pictures

Update: @esvaphane has shared the first official pictures of Adidas' upcoming Manchester United 2021 pastel collection that introduces a fashionable look for the Premier League side. Check it out below.

Some days ago, we leaked that Adidas will release a 'Pastel' collection for their biggest teams. Now we are able to leak the Arsenal 2021 Pastel collection, which will be launched in early March 2021.

The Adidas Pastel collections for its 'Elite' teams - Arsenal, Bayern, Juve, Manchester United and Real Madrid - introduce fresh Spring colors for the teams.

LEAKED: Adidas To Release 2021 Elite Teams Pastel Collection

Arsenal 2021 Pastel Collection

The Adidas Arsenal 2021 pastel collection combines the main color white with 'rose' for logos and applications. The shorts are navy '(legend marine') with pink logos.

Tee - 35 EUR

Polo - 35 EUR

Windbreaker - 80 EUR

Shorts - 40 EUR


The Adidas 2021 Pastel Collection will be released in March 2021.

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