Adidas 2021 Elite Teams Pastel Collection Released

Update: Various pieces from the different Adidas x Elite Teams Pastel collections are now available to buy.

Adidas 2021 Pastel Collections

Designed for the time after winter, the Adidas Pastel collection brings us soothing colors for Adidas' five elite teams.

there won't be kits with pastel colorsThe Adidas Pastel collection will be an off-pitch "lifestyle" collection only. This means that there won't be kits with pastel colors but just t-shirts, shorts, pants as well as a windbreaker jacket each.

Arsenal 2021 Pastel Collection

The Adidas Arsenal 2021 pastel collection combines the main color white with 'Rose'.

Adidas Arsenal 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

Bayern 2021 Pastel Pack

For Bayern's Pastel collection, Adidas combines 'Dash Grey' with a dark green.

Bayern München 2021 Pastel Collection Released

Juventus 2021 Pastel Collection

The Adidas Juventus 2021 pastel shirt is pink, white and black.

Juventus 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

Manchester United Adidas 2021 Pastel Collection

A bold look, the Man United 2021 pastel collection is 'Glory Mint' with red and black applications.

Adidas Manchester United 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

Real Madrid 2021 Pastel Collection

The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021 pastel collection features the club's popular blue color.

Real Madrid 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

The Adidas 2021 pastel collection was released on 1 March 2021.

Do you like Adidas' idea of a Pastel Pack? Would you like Adidas to release special kits with pastel colors? Comment below.