Chelsea 2021 Logo Enhancement By Footy Headlines

Following up on our SS Lazio concept rebrand, today we want to share another of our logo rebranding projects - we have tried to give the Chelsea Football Club crest a contemporary look for the 2020s.

Chelsea last updated their logo in 2005. Many of the elements of the current Chelsea crest look therefore a bit outdated, especially the border and the shadow of the lion.

Chelsea FC Logo Enhancement By Footy Headlines

To enhance the look of the Chelsea crest, we just had to change three elements. The result is a modern, contemporary looking crest.

First, we removed the shadow of the lion.

Second, we ditched various of the golden-yellow and white borders, including the inner circle.

Third, we changed the shade of the golden-yellow yellow for a more classic Chelsea yellow, as it is being used on the club's kits.

In addition to the altered crest, we also imagined how a Chelsea kit with the logo and 'new' colors would look like and also created a concept anniversary crest.

Another thing that would be part of our rebrand would be the use of the lion on some of the club's kits instead of the standard logo.

Chelsea Concept Kit With New Logo & Colors

Concept Chelsea 10-Years 2012 Champions League Triumph 2022 Anniversary kit

Chelsea Concept Kit With Lion

Should Chelsea FC update their logo to make it look more contemporary? Which elements of the Chelsea FC crest would you alter? Comment below.